Karen Dumas

Karen Dumas, President

Images & Ideas Inc. is an independent, boutique agency specializing in strategic communications and public relations as provided by founder, Karen Dumas.  For more than 20 years, Images & Ideas Inc. has effectively represented companies, organizations and interests of various sizes and industry in the public and private sectors, nationwide. By partnering with the client, we work closely to understand their needs, identify opportunities, and then properly package and present their interests, services or products so that maximum results are realized.

Communication is the backbone of every company, organization and individual. Ensuring positive reception from both general and select markets requires more than just a marketing report or plan; it requires hands-on involvement and knowledge of key markets. This helps to ensure that the marketing and promotional efforts made on behalf of our clients are efficient, effective and always on target. Making sure your publics –both internal and external–are aware of your organization, products or services and their assets are integral to an effective marketing and communication strategy. Effective PR and promotions are also fundamental to the bottom line. At Images & Ideas Inc., the big picture and every detail are closely examined to make sure that the client’s results are a solid platform upon which they can continue to build and grow.

At Images & Ideas Inc., we believe that success is strategic.